Our Superior Wool and Sheepskin Products

Our superior quality Australian sheepskin and woollen products are shipped all over the world and have been since 1973. We carefully select superior quality sheepskin and wool so you get the best woollen and sheepskin product money can buy!

Car Seat Covers

Our superior quality Australian made sheepskin car seat covers in skin fur or full skin (call for a quote) have hidden seams, hidden straps, heavy duty stitching for longer life and come with a 5 year unconditional money back guarantee! Why would you buy inferior cheap imports from a large chain store when you could have the best value product on the market?

We stock a great range of superior quality sheepskin car seat covers for most vehicles including ford, holden, vw, mercedes, bmw, hyundai and more. Not sure if your seatcover will fit your model vehicle. There are some factors to consider including whether your vehicle has airbags, folding seats, style of seats etc.

If you’re unsure – call us and we’ll help you with 40 years experience to ensure you choose exactly the right sheepskin seat cover for your car.


Chris & Bronwyn

The seat covers arrived safely and are a great addition to ur Prado! Thank you very much for your great service.

Woollen Underblankets

Mercedes sheepskin and woollen products were the first company in Australia to make fully fitted woollen underblankets (also known as woollen underlay) AND every woollen under blanket is manufactured from “Hercoset” treated wool so they can be machine washed rather than dry-cleaned.Sleep naturally all year round.

Natural and quiltedwoollen under blankets are nature’s answer to keeping warm in bed in winter and cool in summer. The soft smooth texture of the wool allows air to circulate around your body, helping to maintain an even, constant temperature.


Jo-Anne, Marsfield, NSW

I was very impressed at the speed of the delivery of the underblanket. It is excellent and we had a much better nights sleep.

Woollen Quilts

Our woollen quilts are 450gsm for extra loft and are 233 thread count so you get the softest, most comfortable woollen quilt on the market! We also offer a 5 year, no questions asked money back gaurantee.We only use the highest quality, Australian wool for our quilts.

Wool is an amazing product. Its soft fibres trap air, making it the perfect insulator. It keeps the body warm in and cool in summer, without weighing you down. Natural fleece also inhibits the growth of bacteria and dust mites, creating asthma friendly woollen quilts, and is non-flammable, perfect for kid’s bedrooms and elderly homes.


Medical Sheepskins

Our medical sheepskins are chemically treated for an even softer finish. They soothe, comfort and protect, keeping the user warm in the cool and cool when it warms up.

These sheepskins are soft and cosy, yet practical and durable. They are ideal for injured sportspersons, invalids, convalescents, mothers with young babies, wheel chair users and people suffering from severe back pain or arthritis.Backed by soft, pliable leather, you can easily drape these sheepskins across a bed, armchair or wheelchair, providing the perfect comfortable nook for relaxing and recovering in.

With their denser pile, our hospital medical sheepskins provide a springy, cushioned surface, ideal for those with tender joints or delicate skin.To further create a healthful environment, our machine washable medical sheepskins are anti-bacterial and also act as a dust mite inhibitor, perfect for those with allergies or impaired immune systems.

Rhonda, Cobar, NSW

This morning I ordered on of your medical sheepskins for my elderly Father. Dad received it this afternoon and is already using it.

Long Wool Rugs

Our natural long wool rugs give any room the contemporary, in-style looking for today.
Luxuriously dense and silky, they can be used as a plush floor rug, a cosy throw on a bed or seat, or a sumptuous accent draped over furniture.

Our natural long wool rugs are available as single rugs or configurations of 2, 4, 6 and 8 of the finest lambskins, expertly matched for a magnificent finish.

Our long wool rugs are produced using specialized tanning techniques utilising only the most environmentally friendly and technically advanced tanning agents with the end results being products that are free of health harming chemicals that some of our competitors still use today. Our products are not only safe for use by our customers but also friendly to the environment.


Baby Care Products

Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling uncomfortable! This will ensure that your little one will continue to feel happy and contented although the lambskin he or she is on contains moisture. Wool is nature’s own insulator, warm in winter and cool in summer.

We sell as many woollen products to people in warmer regions as we sell to people in the colder countries.

Baby and Invalid Rugs are specially treated with Mitecide and Bactiguard, reducing the risk of allergy, rash, and bed sores – keeping your baby safe, comfortable and happy!